Incoming Bellabeat!! So many of us love the idea of a Fitness Tracker. It helps with being accountable, it keeps us motivated, and we can even have competitions with friends. I have used Fitbit for many years, however as I got older, and getting diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, my fitness tracker needs changed drastically.

I was looking for a tracker that was a bit more durable than a Fitbit, that was waterproof, a fashion accessory, and also helps track my periods.

Since I don’t take birth control, tracking is super important for myself. That way I know where I’m at, when to expect my period, and also when to be safe.. if ya catch my drift!!

After researching I came across Bellabeat and the product is fantastic. Let me start off by saying that I purchased one about two months ago, and sadly lost it this past weekend while dancing like crazy at the Taylor Swift concert! I was sad… but the Bellabeat customer service team is fantastic and they sent me a code to purchase another one at 50% off. Not to bad, and I mean, I love the product so Its worth it at full price. I am very grateful they gave me 50% off though to replace it.

So lets start with my LOVES about the Bellabeat Urban Leaf:

  • It is the CUTEST accessory! It can be worn as a bracelet (pictured above), It can be worn as a necklace, and also it can be worn as a clip on your shirt or bra. I love its versatility. It goes with everything.
  • The period tracker portion. It’s great, it tells you when you are ovulating, when you should and shouldn’t have sex, and if you are trying to get pregnant it specifically tells you the time to try. That is an incredible feature for me!
  • It has a meditation feature – it can predict how stressed you may be, and in turn prompts you to do some meditation. This is a great thing for those of us who are new to meditating. I really got into it and making sure I mediated each day to ensure the most calm environment I could achieve.
  • They also have wireless headphones, in which I’m planning to purchase at some point ($99 USD) and they are noise cancelling, you can use them when driving to answer calls, and as well they are super cute and trendy.
  •  It tracks your sleep & steps of course. Basic features in a fitness tracker but this one overall fits my needs perfectly.

I hope you find this information useful, and I’m looking forward to those of you who have tried it or want to try Bellabeat! It is absolutely worth every penny. Click here to save $25 off your BellaBeat Urban Leaf
Happy Shopping!