Chronic Migraines

Chronic Migraines

I have suffered from Chronic Migraines for years now. They started as a teenager for no real reason. Many people develop Chronic Migraines from a traumatic accident, or a brain growth. Those of us that have Chronic Migraines with no particular reason are almost in a worse position. With no evident reason as to why I suffer, its harder to treat.

3 Years ago I was blessed to be referred to my Pain Management Doctor, Dr. Jeff Matheson. He has single handedly helped me heal multiple health issues I have come across over the years. He always aims for the most natural treatment there is, and is always there to lend an ear when I’m brainstorming a potential “fix”. Through Dr. Matheson I receive weekly nerve blocker injections in my neck, shoulders, and back. These nerve blockers help to numb some of the pain I experience on a daily basis. I also get Botox every 90 days as well. All of this is just for maintenance. Because there is no one cause of my migraines, it is hard to just fix. Some people can have surgery, or just need time to heal the injury in which is causing the chronic pain.

I am heavily affected by hormonal, as well as weather changes. Either of those can cause me to be bed ridden for days. Unable to drive, or move to far. Migraines, and the Chronic Pain I experience in my shoulder can be absolutely debilitating.  Luckily I am able to see Dr. Matheson in a pinch if I need too, and he is able to help with certain “last resort” fixes. I have tried about every medication on the market, and truthfully only the very strong pain killers make it tolerable on the bad days.

I see a chiropractor often as well, and get massage therapy as often as I can. I also use plenty of essential oils and roll them all over my temples, neck, shoulder, etc. It’s really just about maintaining because I have more days of the week in pain that I do without. Extreme heat, humidity, or extreme bitter cold cause bad migraines. Overcast weather is another one. It’s really unpredictable, and hard to manage. With the help of Dr. Matheson I am able to live as pain free probably as humanly possible though.

Do you suffer from any chronic pain? How do you handle it? Comment below!

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