Healthy Meats – Whitby, ON

Healthy Meats – Whitby, ON


I stopped into Healthy Meats in Downtown Whitby yesterday, and was blessed to meet with Owner Paula!

Healthy Meats has actually been in Whitby for 16 years, although you may refer to it as one of its prior names. Healthy Meats is a local Organic Meat Shop that provides locally sourced, organic, antibiotic and hormone free meat to Durham Region residents.

Paula has a personal relationship with all of her farmers, and she takes the time to understand where the meat is coming from, how its sourced, etc. All the leg work is done for customers so you can trust buying your meat from here.

Healthy Meats carries so many products- Pork, Bison, Salmon, Fish, Lamb, Beef, and Chicken! They also bring in fresh local Organic Produce, local cheeses, eggs, sandwich meats, Turkeys, and a small selection of assorted Grocery Items.

For us Gluten Free peeps, all the meat is Gluten Free. Items like Sausages, or chicken, will be marked with a simple Green Dot to identify it as Gluten Free. They have a really simple, yet effective and trustworthy way to buy your meats.

Paula has so much knowledge beyond just Organic Meat. Immediately when we met, we connected. Not only is she very spiritual, but she also is very in tune with her body, and understanding optimal health goes beyond just eating food. I had an absolute blast visiting the store, it is a great place to get high quality, tasty, and local products. I absolutely love Supporting Local, as well as Canadian Made products so the shop is a beautiful and exciting place for me!

They take custom orders and can coordinate with the farmers to do so. Don’t be thrown off by the fact the meat is frozen. As it is butchered, it is frozen immediately so the taste is truly like no other. The taste is so delicious, and I prefer my meat frozen as I only eat one meal at a time and even when I’m meal prepping I still don’t always use all the meat I have purchased.

I was able to grab some Raw Dog Food for Rex- I have been feeding him Raw for a year and a half and he loves it! I find him to be much healthier now a days and his fur is extremely shiny, and he’s full of energy!

Keep an eye on my social media pages, I’ll be working alongside Healthy Meats to give you guys the scoop on deals, whats in stock, etc. I really look forward to embracing an entirely Organic Meat experience- it is very difficult to find Organic Beef around here so this is quite exciting for this Organic Nerd!

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