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Use code GLUTENFREEGF10 for $10 off your order! . sells a variety of Gluten Free pantry staples, Organic hard to find items, beauty products and more. I tend to purchase brands that are Canadian from this website, as well as our vitamins, laundry care, dish soap, etc. Everything for the house can be purchased at and the options are endless. You can even purchase gift sets for those who you may be shopping for. The tailor suggestions just for you based on your purchases, and send all kinds of fun samples in almost every order. Beyond that, each order contains a hand written thank you note from whomever packaged your oder. That is such a great personal touch that most companies don’t bother with.

There are many rare and hard to find Gluten Free and Organic items on this website, and they really do some deep discounts on seasonal items which I tend to stock up on. Baking goods, canned goods, its like a healthy department store online and it ships extremely quickly. Orders now can even be shipped to many local Recall stores across Ontario. That is so convenient for those who live in apartments or high traffic areas in which the don’t feel safe having packages delivered. Being able to pickup your order at the drug store is a great touch and once again goes beyond a normal online experience.

Some of my favourite things to buy are listed below to use your Discount Code GLUTENFREEGF10!

Free 2 B Peppermint Dark Chocolate Candy

Castle Kitchen GF/DF Mint Hot Chocolate

Munkfruit Sweetner

Wholesome Sweetner Candy Canes

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Ultra- 100 Billion

Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Overnight Lotion

If you’re looking for a specific suggestion, or recommendation please Email me and send your request. Happy to help and I hope you enjoy using my Discount Code GLUTENFREEGF10

xo, Erin