fullsizeoutput_6d7Last Valentines day I was able to visit the wonderful Ste. Annes Spa in Grafton, ON. I went with my good friend Kayla Logan who is also a blogger and we had an absolute blast.

If you’re just reading about Ste. Annes Spa for the first time it is an All Inclusive resort which is Certified Gluten Free. This is a huge deal for those of us who are looking to truly relax and not have to worry about our next meal. We were more than well taken care of, and the menu is to die for.

So where to begin with this blog post. The beautiful little cottage we stayed in was cozy, historical, and even had a hot tub for us to enjoy after we were done at the Spa for the day. The weather was snowy so a hot tub dip with the snow all around us was so relaxing and beyond our expectations.


Because the bakery on site is 100% Gluten Free (and certified gluten free from the Canadian Celiac Association also!) they have just a really extensive menu. More than anything I’ve been offered before, I ate like a queen during our stay. They bring fresh juice with almost all meals, and they even use their own ingredients grown on site where possible. True farm to fork experience- they even use their own meat products.

fullsizeoutput_67dFor my Spa Treatment I chose to do the Integrated Lympatic Drainage treatment. It was very soothing and calming and I chose it as I was trying to get the most detoxing experience I could and our lymphatic system could always use a good drainage treatment. I have also had the Eucalyptus Body Wrap which is my personal favourite treatment they have, as I’m obsessed with Eucalyptus. The treatments range in time frames from 30-120 minutes and the rooms are completely relaxing for the duration of your treatment.

untitled (239 of 416)There is an outdoor pool which was closed during our stay as it was Winter, but the property also has Horse Stables, multiple Cottages, the bakery, and more. Inside the property is the steam rooms, treatment rooms, relaxation and quiet rooms, and each one of these rooms comes with some baked goods to nibble on and some fresh coffee and tea to sip on. The total experience is completely a dream and relaxing. Its a Spa Trip I will forever look forward to and always feel it is worth the splurge.

Each meal is set with a beautiful table setting, and they mark each persons name tag with their dietary needs and even a nice quote like the one below.

“I have created this beautiful garden where many people will come to be healed.”


Overall the 24 hour stay was relaxing, fulfilling and extremely satisfying. There was never a point where I went hungry, and Ste Annes Spa is truly focused on true health and wellness. We were both sent home with a gorgeous goodie bag filled with their own health and beauty line of products. Their beauty line they create using their own essential oils they make themselves. Also they have a new CBD line of products which we love and use daily!

Thank you to Ste. Anne’s Spa for hosting us for this stay. All opinions in this blog are mine.

xo, Erin