From the time I was a little girl I always had an image made up in my mind of what kind of wife and mother I would be. I wanted the fairytale story with my Prince coming to save me. A Love Letter Life, if you will. I recently started reading “A Love Letter Life” By Audrey and Jeremy Roloff and its a great book that got me reflecting on my current relationship.

So here I am, almost a year into my relationship. Things are great, we moved in together and that’s been going really well and its been pretty easy going so far. We had quite a few conversations before moving in, and I think it is very important to ensure you have those conversations so there’s no guessing or communication issues further down the road. Building foundations on Love and Respect is so important. The most important in my opinion. Not just showing love always, but respecting your partner always is necessary to build each other up positively.


Within our relationship, we make the rules and decide how we do things. I’m finally in a relationship where I’m an equal, and respected as such. It takes a big person to forgive and let things go, and my partner is really amazing at that. I struggle a lot more, but I’m always doing my best and really trying my hardest. We do try and factor religion into our relationship a bit also which is nice. Using religion as a way to create deeper bonds is a really beautiful thing and I’m happy that we have that.


I’m with a guy that brings me the coffee in bed some mornings, and is always thinking about ways to make me feel special. He listens when I speak, and really tries to be there for me in every single way. I guess I understand now when people say that the person you’re with should not only challenge you to become a better person, but should also help encourage the person you are. We never want to take our individuality away and we do a wonderful job of embracing each other as individuals. The things I once dreamed of are a reality, and because of that we’re spending most of our days laughing more and deepening our love.


Recently I started reading a book by a couple I tend to look up to, spiritually. It’s called “A Love Letter Life” written by Jeremy & Audrey Roloff. They have a podcast called Behind the Scenes which is a favourite of mine and this book is even better. It is about their personal journey together and with Christ. It’s a really great book so far and has really helped me look outside myself to be a better partner.

Sometimes all it takes is a good book to spark the thought of “How can I be a better partner?” And its taking tidbits from books you read and things you see and taking those to help guide you as a wonderful spouse.