Last month we were invited by Nordik Spa to come and stay for the day and enjoy the experience. We were blessed, honestly. It was Michael’s 28th birthday so it was a really awesome way to spend it. There’s not much better than pure bliss & relaxation.



Nordik Spa is an outdoor nature spa that features a well known Thermal Bath experience, as well as we were treated to theKälla treatment which is a large underground salt pool in which you are able to float in complete silence.

The advantages to the Thermal Experience is that your body alternates between hot, cold and rest to eliminate toxins and stimulate blood circulation. It is incredibly detoxifying and so relaxing for your body. My skin always feels so clean and clear after.




Upon arriving, we were greeted and taken to the front desk for check-in. We were given our robes, drink tickets, confirmed our reservation for lunch, and were on our way to go enjoy the baths. Always remember to bring your own flip flops, although if you forget like I did they are only $10 which is not unreasonable. You can also rent a robe, and they supply towels at no cost.




Photo courtesy of Nordik Spa Chelsea, QC

We spent the entire day just enjoying the Thermal Baths and spent about an hour in the Källa treatment just floating and experiencing the most level of calm I have in as long as I could remember. I left the salt pool feeling completely energized and at peace both mentally and physically. The Källa salt water pool is the second floating pool of its kind in the world! Its an incredible experience you won’t want to miss.


For lunch I got a really rich and creamy hot chocolate. It was cold that day so I wanted to warm up inside by the fire. They had the fireplace going in the dining room which really added to the romantic experience. I had the Beet & Carrot salad as my main, I wasn’t feeling too hungry and wanted to eat healthy and light since we were detoxing from the Thermal Experience. They have many gluten free menu options, are safe for celiacs due to their extensive knowledge and precautions they take. I ate a smaller lunch because I wasn’t super hungry, but my boyfriend got the burger which was also available gluten free. I will certainly try the burger next time. They do not have a dedicated fryer either, so anything deep fried is out, but that’s always a bonus to find somewhere that does.


Overall our day was nothing short of pure bliss. We are so thankful for Marianne and her staff for taking care of us, and we have definitely agreed to make this a yearly getaway for us. Stay tuned for my next blog where I will be covering our stay at La Maison Bleue! In the meantime checkout my youtube video and be sure to subscribe! 


Sound off in the comments below if you’ve been to Nordik Spa Chelsea, or somewhere similar!

XO, Erin


Disclaimer: We were hosted by Nordik Spa Chelsea for this visit, but all opinions, photos, and feedback are my own.