Loti Wellness was kind enough to send me the January Self Care subscription box. I did an unboxing video over on Youtube, please check it out! 

Recently I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, as well as Imposter Syndrome. All things I am dealing with on the daily. I decided this year it is crucial to put my self care routine as number one priority because putting myself last has not been serving me well at all.

I hope that by continuing to order my Loti Wellness boxes they will help my monthly self care routine become much easier! With items such as bath salts, makeup, candles, hair care, and some delicious teas there’s no going wrong with this. Ordering a self care box makes it impossible not to take time for myself, and its like I don’t even have to think about it (makes it much easier!!) to put myself first on those bad days when I am feeling really dark and down. Sometimes a beautiful bubble bath and a relaxing glass of wine with a candle is exactly with this lady needs to decompress for whatever reason.

Recently I even got a really big haircut! Checkout the blog post HERE

Moving forward I will continue to help myself and put myself first. I can’t ignore the signs anymore and so putting forth my best effort of self care is the best way to be successful in my mental health journey and recovery.

I hope you like the video, please be sure to subscribe and comment on it and also give it a thumbs up. I’m trying to get my youtube channel up and running and so increasing my subscribers is so important!! I have videos of lifestyle, the dogs, beauty, unboxing, and more! So many different topics that will interest everyone. Much appreciated xoxo Erin