Pure Life Science – Pure Form Omega Vlog/Review

Pure Life Science – Pure Form Omega Vlog/Review

Hello my beautiful friends!

I have finally got a VLOG put together for you guys regarding one of my favourite omega products by Pure Life Science.


Pure Form Omega’s are a really amazing way to get all your Omega’s. They use organic ingredients so it is extremely top quality.

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Thats it for now folks; stay tuned for more!

xo, Erin




Amazon Prime & My favourite products

Amazon Prime & My favourite products


I am the first to admit I’m a total and complete Amazon Prime addict. I work from home, and rarely drive due to migraines so being able to order something and know it will arrive extremely quickly is a game changer for me!


So- What do I order from Amazon? Literally everything. If you create a wish list, I have it set up that I’m alerted anytime there is a price drop. I also frequently check out the Warehouse Deals because the items in there are totally fine, half the price, and they do accept returns on warehouse items so you can’t possibly lose. I have gotten so many household items (decor & furniture) reduced by so much because of the Warehouse Deals. I also take advantage of Subscribe & Save as  a Prime member, and am always checking the timed deals. Once you start to make purchases Amazon will highlight items related to what you’ve searched and often times you will find an item you had looked at on a Timed Deal.

A few of my frequent orders are linked below for you:

Hershey’s Cookies & Cream Drops –> YES THEY ARE GF! That’s why they are my favourite and I snack on these often!

Four Sigma Mushroom Coffee – Great coffee alternative!

Floating Rustic Wall Shelves- Amazing price and I have two sets of these on my walls because they look great!

SPERRY Lobster Shoes (For those that saw my post and were asking where to buy!)

So be sure to sign up for your free 30 day Trial of Amazon Prime & let me know what you purchase!

XO, Erin

Blue Blocking Glasses for Migraines

Blue Blocking Glasses for Migraines

Blue Blocking Glasses are one more thing that I have recently learned about to help improve the frequency of my migraines. Blue lights can really trigger migraine sufferers, as well as just light in general. I have extreme light sensitivity that is debilitating some days, so when I had read about these and they were new to me, I decided I’d give them a try. I have linked my purchase below through Amazon, and they are around $20 retail.  They are extremely affordable and completely worth it. I work at home, and do all my blogging on my computer so having Blue Blocking glasses are very important and helpful to adjusting the light sensitivity I experience day to day. There’s so many new, different, and unheard of treatments and aids for migraine intensity and frequency. Most I have tried, but when I find something new, and it is actually something I can afford to invest in, I totally do. These have changed a lot for me and I’m very happy with them.

Reach out via email if you have any questions,

Click here to purchase from Amazon directly

xo Erin




Knixwear Discount

Knixwear Discount


Knixwear Body Suit

I have been a Knixwear Ambassador for about 6 months now and I really love this company. Not only are they Canadian, but they are a completely Body Positive company. They use models of all shapes, colours, and sizes! They keep it real and are such a beautiful company in my opinion. They celebrate ALL women and empower them with products that are beautiful, comfortable, and functional. Finding all three things in one company is wonderful. Check out the Body Suit linked above – it is a new release, and I am so in love!! Use my codes below for corresponding discounts:

Ongoing active code: glitzandgf10 for $10 off your order.

If you’re having any issue using these codes please email me erin@glitzandgf.com and let me know.


Skip The Dishes discount code

Skip The Dishes discount code

nomiya-japan-edmonton-skip-the-dishes-delivery.jpgClick here to save $7 on your first order

Skip The Dishes offers many popular Gluten Free restaurants available.

Check out places like:

  • Five Guys Burgers & Fries (dedicated fryers – however NOT safe for nut allergy)
  • Wendys (Chilli, baked potatoes, burgers lettuce wrapped, certain salads)
  • Booster Juice
  • Freshii
  • Hero Certified Burger
  • Pita Pit (GF Pitas)
  • South St Burger Co (French Fries, GF Burgers)
  • Lone Star Texas Grill


xo, Erin


Well.ca Discount Code

Well.ca Discount Code


www. well.ca

Use code Glitz10 for $10 off your order! Valid until Dec 26, 2018.

Well.ca sells a variety of Gluten Free pantry staples, Organic hard to find items, beauty products and more. Some of my favourite things to buy are listed below!

Free 2 B Peppermint Dark Chocolate Candy

Castle Kitchen GF/DF Mint Hot Chocolate

Munkfruit Sweetner

Wholesome Sweetner Candy Canes

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Ultra- 100 Billion

Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Overnight Lotion

If you’re looking for a specific suggestion, or recommendation please Email me erin@glitzandgf.com and send your request. Happy to Help!

xo, Erin


Bella Beat Urban Leaf

Bella Beat Urban Leaf


So many of us love the idea of a Fitness Tracker. It helps with being accountable, it keeps us motivated, and we can even have competitions with friends. I have used Fitbit for many years, however as I got older, and getting diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, my fitness tracker needs changed drastically.

I was looking for a tracker that was a bit more durable than a Fitbit, that was waterproof, a fashion accessory, and also helps track my periods.

Since I don’t take birth control, tracking is super important for myself. That way I know where I’m at, when to expect my period, and also when to be safe.. if ya catch my drift!!

After researching I came across BellaBeat and the product is fantastic. Let me start off by saying that I purchased one about two months ago, and sadly lost it this past weekend while dancing like crazy at the Taylor Swift concert! I was sad… but the Bella Beat customer service team is fantastic and they sent me a code to purchase another one at 50% off. Not to bad, and I mean, I love the product so Its worth it at full price. I am very grateful they gave me 50% off though to replace it.

So lets start with my LOVES about the BellaBeat Urban Leaf:

1. It is the CUTEST accessory! It can be worn as a bracelet (pictured above), It can be worn as a necklace, and also it can be worn as a clip on your shirt or bra. I love its versatility. It goes with everything.
2. The period tracker portion. It’s great, it tells you when you are ovulating, when you should and shouldn’t have sex, and if you are trying to get pregnant it specifically tells you the time to try. That is an incredible feature for me!
3. It has a meditation feature – it can predict how stressed you may be, and in turn prompts you to do some meditation. This is a great thing for those of us who are new to meditating. I really got into it and making sure I mediated each day to ensure the most calm environment I could achieve.
4. They also have wireless headphones, in which I’m planning to purchase at some point ($99 USD) and they are noise cancelling, you can use them when driving to answer calls, and as well they are super cute and trendy.
5. It tracks your sleep & steps of course. Basic features in a fitness tracker but this one overall fits my needs perfectly.

I hope you find this information useful, and I’m looking forward to those of you who have tried it or want to try it! It is absolutely worth every penny. Click here to save $25 off your BellaBeat Urban Leaf
Happy Shopping!



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