Collaboarate/ Partnership

Are you a business interested in Collaborating or having a feature on Glitz & GF? Well checkout the brands below I’ve worked with, and send me an email with your request! We can talk about the potentials and go from there!

  1. Gluten Free Resturaunt reviews – can photograph, edit, and put together a blog review on your menu options- will be able to indicate how skilled your place is based on how Celiac Disease friendly your kitchen is.
  2. Travel – Am able to do travel vlogs- can review your entire resort, hotel, getaway, retreat, etc. From the room, to food and things to do I can cover it all.
  3. Beauty- Looking to have your beauty item reviewed? I can do a simple blog post, or even a full vlog on how I use it.
  4. Fashion – Can do photoshoot highlighting your newest lineup of clothing, or have a styled shoot specific to your brands image.





Contact me below if you’re interested in working together!