Love & Respect; Becoming a Better Partner

Love & Respect; Becoming a Better Partner

So here I am, almost a year into my relationship. Things are great, we moved in together and that’s been going really well and its been pretty easy going so far. We had quite a few conversations before moving in, and I think it is very important to ensure you have those conversations so there’s no guessing or communication issues further down the road.


Within our relationship, we make the rules and decide how we do things. I’m finally in a relationship where I’m an equal, and respected as such. It takes a big person to forgive and let things go, and my partner is really amazing at that. I struggle a lot more, but I’m always doing my best and really trying my hardest. We do try and factor religion into our relationship a bit also which is nice. Using religion as a way to create deeper bonds is a really beautiful thing and I’m happy that we have that.


I’m with a guy that brings me the coffee in bed some mornings, and is always thinking about ways to make me feel special. He listens when I speak, and really tries to be there for me in every single way. I guess I understand now when people say that the person you’re with should not only challenge you to become a better person, but should also help encourage the person you are. We never want to take our individuality away and we do a wonderful job of embracing each other as individuals. The things I once dreamed of are a reality, and because of that we’re spending most of our days laughing more and deepening our love.


Recently I started reading a book by a couple I tend to look up to, spiritually. It’s called “A Love Letter Life” written by Jeremy & Audrey Roloff. They have a podcast called Behind the Scenes which is a favourite of mine and this book is even better. It is about their personal journey together and with Christ. It’s a really great book so far and has really helped me look outside myself to be a better partner.

Sometimes all it takes is a good book to spark the thought of “How can I be a better partner?” And its taking tidbits from books you read and things you see and taking those to help guide you as a wonderful spouse.



Ste. Anne’s Gluten Free Spa – Grafton, ON

Ste. Anne’s Gluten Free Spa – Grafton, ON

fullsizeoutput_6d7Last Valentines day I was able to visit the wonderful Ste. Annes Spa in Grafton, ON. I went with my good friend Kayla Logan who is also a blogger and we had an absolute blast.

If you’re just reading about Ste. Annes Spa for the first time it is an All Inclusive resort which is Certified Gluten Free. This is a huge deal for those of us who are looking to truly relax and not have to worry about our next meal. We were more than well taken care of, and the menu is to die for.

So where to begin with this blog post. The beautiful little cottage we stayed in was cozy, historical, and even had a hot tub for us to enjoy after we were done at the Spa for the day. The weather was snowy so a hot tub dip with the snow all around us was so relaxing and beyond our expectations.


Because the bakery on site is 100% Gluten Free (and certified gluten free from the Canadian Celiac Association also!) they have just a really extensive menu. More than anything I’ve been offered before, I ate like a queen during our stay. They bring fresh juice with almost all meals, and they even use their own ingredients grown on site where possible. True farm to fork experience- they even use their own meat products.

fullsizeoutput_67dFor my Spa Treatment I chose to do the Integrated Lympatic Drainage treatment. It was very soothing and calming and I chose it as I was trying to get the most detoxing experience I could and our lymphatic system could always use a good drainage treatment. I have also had the Eucalyptus Body Wrap which is my personal favourite treatment they have, as I’m obsessed with Eucalyptus. The treatments range in time frames from 30-120 minutes and the rooms are completely relaxing for the duration of your treatment.

untitled (239 of 416)There is an outdoor pool which was closed during our stay as it was Winter, but the property also has Horse Stables, multiple Cottages, the bakery, and more. Inside the property is the steam rooms, treatment rooms, relaxation and quiet rooms, and each one of these rooms comes with some baked goods to nibble on and some fresh coffee and tea to sip on. The total experience is completely a dream and relaxing. Its a Spa Trip I will forever look forward to and always feel it is worth the splurge.

Each meal is set with a beautiful table setting, and they mark each persons name tag with their dietary needs and even a nice quote like the one below.

“I have created this beautiful garden where many people will come to be healed.”


Overall the 24 hour stay was relaxing, fulfilling and extremely satisfying. There was never a point where I went hungry, and Ste Annes Spa is truly focused on true health and wellness. We were both sent home with a gorgeous goodie bag filled with their own health and beauty line of products. Their beauty line they create using their own essential oils they make themselves. Also they have a new CBD line of products which we love and use daily!

Thank you to Ste. Anne’s Spa for hosting us for this stay. All opinions in this blog are mine.

xo, Erin

Luce Hair Salon – Kingston, ON

Luce Hair Salon – Kingston, ON


Luce  Hair Salon is located in Kingston, ON and actually has 3 different locations across the city. Downtown on Princess St, in the West End on Midland Ave across from Walmart,  as well as in the East End of the city. 3 Convenient locations, and you can book your appointment online through their convenient online booking system.

My hair stylist is also my longtime childhood friend Erica D. We grew up together and went to school together so when I moved back to Kingston and needed to find a hair stylist I knew Erica would be the one! Even better, when I moved to the West End of the city, so did she when the West End studio opened up earlier this summer. She is truly skilled, and I send her all my crazy hair colour ideas and she transforms my hair . She tells me if its a Pinterest dream or not, and then gives me the best suggestions for my current hair state.


I deal with a lot of dry hair, and excessive hair loss. Erica always knows exactly what my hair needs to get it back to health. I have always thinned my hair out using a razor with the scissors. However my hair was battling a lot of frizziness recently so Erica suggested that we let that grow out a little. I’m anti-layers (hello frizz), so I’ll never ever get layers. I’m old school with my long hair!

Be sure to click here to use the convenient online booking system, make sure to mention my blog post when you book and that you saw it here! 


XO, Erin

Hilton Markham/Toronto Suites

Hilton Markham/Toronto Suites

fullsizeoutput_6e5Do any of you have jobs that require travel? If you’re new to my blog, and me, then you may not know that along with blogging I do also have a day job. I work from home luckily, but usually every few months I have to go my work office which is located in Markham, ON.

First time having to travel since moving to Kingston, and I knew that the Hilton Markham/Toronto Suites was going to be where I stayed. This hotel is stunning and has everything humanly possible to survive.  Our checking was a breeze, we got the pool hours and the menu for the restaurant before we headed out to check out room.


image1-1Our room was MASSIVE to say the least. It was a giant circle, with a Dining Room, Living room, bedroom with king size bed and bathroom. The room was filled with bright lights and marble tiles and black accent furniture. In the living room there was a sink, microwave, coffee maker and a mini fridge.

The bathroom did not have a bathtub only a shower, and oddly enough the bathroom is where we had most of the “negative” experience. The bathroom had an odd smell of urine, that got stronger the longer we stayed. Also, there was no actual shower door, so it was exposed and the water leaked all over the bathroom floor making it impossible to keep dry.

fullsizeoutput_6e6Included in our stay we got the continental breakfast for $10 each. Food wise this place knew what was up when it comes to Celiac Disease. The chef personally came out to greet me and offered me an array of items he could make me for breakfast. We settled on Eggs Benedict which is a personal fave. The fact the Chef took the time to come and introduce himself and offer to make me a personalized meal which he delivered out all on his own was above and beyond. I couldn’t get too many photos as I wound up being almost late for work but can assure you that the breakfast & service was phenomenal.



Upon checking out, we were asked how our stay was. The only thing we really brought up was the bathroom smell, which the Manager offered a lunch for my boyfriend on the house due to that issue. That shows me that they take issues very seriously and aspire to give the best experience to their staff. Thank you to Anna and the staff for taking such great care of us. We will definitely be back!

XO, Erin

Do’s & Dont’s of Working From Home

Do’s & Dont’s of Working From Home


For those of us that live and work at home finding a balance can be very tough. It can take years to get into a proper work/home life rhythm and without being very strict on yourself it can take even longer.

I’ve been working at home for coming up on 3 years now, after getting in a car accident of December 2016 and migraines became constant, I was able to work and do my job from home. My day job is in a call centre, so I work in my in home office taking customer calls daily.

Over the years I’ve found things that do and don’t work for me, so I figured I would share them below.


The Do’s:

  • Set up your home office to be as comfortable as possible. If you prefer lots of sunshine, or plants, make sure that your setup is functional and comfy for you.
  • Ensure everyone in your household respects your work hours. While my schedule is set for me, and I have bosses to answer to throughout the day, you may not. If your self employed then you must set out specific work hours, and let everyone know when you will be unavailable.
  • MEAL PREP! I still live off meal prepping even working at home. It’s not like you can run out and grab some lunch so make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy, easy to grab snacks and meals. I’m a snacker so I just make sure to have lots of fruits and veggies, crackers, cheese, etc type of snacks on hand.

The Dont’s:

  • Don’t forget to shower every day. It can be hard to feel like you “have” to as its not like you’re out sweating or doing a physically taxing job.
  • Don’t let others interrupt you when you’re working. I have a hard time staying on task, my ability to focus has deteriorated a lot since my car accident and it becomes very stressful and overwhelming for me if my mind gets away by a distraction.
  • Don’t sleep in, or have any reason to be late. It’s literally the worst thing if you work at home and are late for work. Set alarms, write start times down, just don’t be late!
  • Don’t drink too much caffeine. I’m the worst for this as I have a tendency to overdo it, but I’m trying. I’ve purchased half-caf coffees to try and consciously cut back.

I hope these tips were helpful to you, and that you can make your work from home job the best it can be. Those of us that can work from home are extremely lucky to do so, and its important that we take care of ourselves and our time.

XO, Erin




Fall & Thanksgiving Amazon deals

Fall & Thanksgiving Amazon deals

Hello my fine Fall friends.

Since you have all been so excited and happy about the Amazon finds I’ve been posting & blogging on- I figured I’d compile another list of some current deals that will help save money for Thanksgiving, as well as just some of my recent favourite purchases. Enjoy!

And don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Prime for free 2 day shipping:



Club House turkey gravy – $1.47 and 50 cent off coupon! Lowest price I’ve seen, even cheaper with Subscribe & Save
Betty Crocker Icing – $.97 CENTS!





That’s it for now! Happy shopping