Tuscan Wolf Pizzaria- Whitby, ON

Tuscan Wolf Pizzaria- Whitby, ON

110 Dundas Street W, Whitby, ON, L1N 2L9
(905) 493-5500

Tuscan Wolf Pizzeria is a new pizza joint located in the Heart of Whitby, ON. Located just at Four Corners, Kimberley & Marco sure know their stuff when it comes to Pizza. Marco came from Italy and began creating the most authentic Italian food I’ve ever had. Pizza, Pasta, Crepes, and more.

I was approached by Kimberley to help provide them with the best possible tips to make the food as Celiac Safe as possible. My suggestions were as follows:

  • Separate Sauce & ladle not to be used on GF Pizza
  • Separate pots, pans & Utensils (clearly marked)
  • Fresh ingredients so gluten on hands don’t get cross contaminated
  • Check all ingredients for toppings to ensure they do not contain gluten ingredients

What they were able to accomplish without me even prompting them was:

  • Cook the pizza on separate pans with paper cooked underneath to ensure no cross contamination
  • They make their dough at different times, and have a clearly designated mixer just for the GF dough only
  • They have a very high heat commercial dishwasher that sanitizes & cleans excellently
  • They store the dough wrapped tightly in the fridge
  • Marco washes his hands constantly to ensure no cross contamination, and he came out multiple times to check on us and show us his progress and particular steps he makes.

We had the Bacon & Egg Pizza (no sauce). I love this option as I am really not a huge sauce person. The pizza was awesome as we ate closer to noon, and hadn’t even had breakfast yet. It was oozy-gooey and the way the bacon cooked on top was heavenly. The crust was flavourful, fresh, and had no hints of “cardboard” like most of the common pizza shells on the market. The fact that he makes the dough fresh is another step above the rest. I was able to dip the crunchy crust into the egg yolk and boy did I eat every last bite.

We also shared one of the weekend Pasta Specials. Il Gamberetto was a Gluten Free Penne noodle in a Smoked Salmon & Tiger Shrimp Rose Vodka Cream Sauce. I cannot explain the level of care this dish had. Each and every bite was better than the last. The flavours were exploding in my mouth, and it had such an authentic seafood taste. I could not believe how amazing it was. There was black pepper in it, and it really enhanced the bite of food. My boyfriend who is NOT Gluten Free declared it to be the BEST GF Pasta he has ever had. This is a huge compliment as he normally dislikes almost all Gluten Free food. I would go back over and over again for this pasta dish. This was a Father’s Day Special, but they do offer weekly specials available for a limited time. If you’re interested you can always call ahead and find out the specials. Request to speak to Kimberley and advise you saw my review. They will be able to prepare ahead of time, and of course, depending on your level of comfort, you can of course just walk in. For me personally when I’m dining out I call ahead to make a reservation so they know ahead of time I am a GF Diner and so someone in charge is aware of what I need.
For Dessert we had Panna Cotta which is basically a Cold Creme Brûlée topped with chocolate syrup. It was absolutely delicious and a refreshing dessert to end the day off.

I really have no pointers for these guys! Due to them reaching out ahead of time to inquire on safety measures, it kind of took care of most of what I probably could have found as a “fault”. I’m super happy that Kimberley reached out ahead of time, it makes my job as a reviewer much easier!

**This review is my personal opinion and experience only. It is your responsibility to notify staff of your diet requirements. Glitz and GF is not responsible if something occurs during your meal.**

Schooner’s Fish & Chips- Oshawa, ON

Schooner’s Fish & Chips- Oshawa, ON

Phone: 905-576-4442

Sunday – 12:00 to 8:00
Monday – 12:00 to 8:00
Tuesday – 11:00 to 8:00
Wednesday & Thursday – 11:00 to 9:00
Friday – 11:00 to 9:30
Saturday – 11:00 to 9:00

If you’re looking for some crispy, high quality fish; Schooner’s is the place to go. They offer Gluten Free folks one of the most extensive menu’s for deep fried heaven. Onion rings, Chicken Fingers, Corn Dogs, Poutine, French fries, and more. Even dessert items are available to complete your meal. I eat here often, and they even offer delivery through Skip The Dishes which is fantastic for those of us that are a bit further away from the establishment. 

If you need somewhere to get all your deep fried cravings answered, Schooners is the place.

Tiffany, one of the owners was so fabulous and extremely helpful! This establishment is 100% safe for celiacs, they have recently undergone renovations so there is now sit down dining available, and they were also Certified Gluten Free through the Gluten Free Food Program, making them 100% safe for Celiacs.

Harvest Restaurant – Brooklin, ON

Harvest Restaurant – Brooklin, ON

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1 Way St Brooklin, ON
phone: 289 278 1799

Being invited to Harvest in Brooklin, ON at this time of year couldn’t have been any more perfect timing. 

A beautiful old home turned into restaurant, it really adds to the feel of this place. Make sure to check out the back yard too.. a really beautiful Willow tree makes for a relaxing setting. And the beautiful lights strung on the deck and patio make it the perfect place for a Fall date night.

Our server greeted us, with some fresh Gluten Free Toast & Butter, already knowing about my Celiac needs. He was more than attentive throughout the meal. Super polite, and very concerned with ensuring his guests were happy the whole time. 
We were started with an amazing Fall Cocktail with Rum, Ginger beer, and some apple cider. Perfect for the first Fall feel weather. Personally, I tend to drink more alcohol in the Winter months than the summer.. go figure! Anyways, this cocktail was phenomenal. 

To start with we shared the Ontario Farm Salad ($12). This salad had fresh Ontario ingredients. Goat Cheese, seasonal vegetables including beets, onions, and goat cheese! Very refreshing. Next up was the Portobello Bruschetta on Gluten Free toast. It was so rich, packed with roasted red peppers, baby spinach, Portobello mushrooms, and a delicious rosemary aioli. It was very rich, but oh-so-decadent. 

The main courses were just as decadent and packed with flavour. 8oz Flat Iron Steak cooked medium rare, and sliced perfectly for us diners. Grilled Shrimp, mashed potatoes and some seasonal steamed veg completed the meal. The steak was melt in your mouth type of steak and whoever is running that kitchen sure knows how to bbq! 
The next main course was a Gluten Free Alfredo Pesto dish.  The noodles were to die for! Also, yes, they do cook the pasts in its own GF pot of water, and make everything to order so they have great practises and are able to focus on keeping it Gluten Free.

To finish we had a delicious Creme Brûlée topped with seasonal Gooseberry! Gooseberry is a fruit that to me is a cross between a berry and a kiwi. The Creme Brûlée was very delicious, as was this entire meal.

Over all this place is Gluten Friendly- they do have a shared fryer, so that takes it down a notch. They are fully trained on Celiac Disease and can handle any request, but in terms of being 100% Gluten Free- they are not. So as always, do your research, call ahead, and make reservations.



Boss Beauty Bar- Whitby, ON

Boss Beauty Bar- Whitby, ON


121 Brock Street North, Whitby
Telephone: 905-493-7797

Tuesday to Friday: 1 – 9 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm
Click the link below to schedule your appointment online

Boss Beauty Bar is a brand new Environmentally Conscious Spa that has opened in the heart of Whitby, ON.

Walking into Boss Beauty Bar is literally a girls dream. White walls, marble, and Rose Gold everything. It’s basically how I envision my dream office space being… only in a spa! What’s better than that? Not much, in my opinion. 

They are in the process of getting their liquor license, which will definitely enhance the experience that much more in the future. Girls night in? I’m feeling it The vibe of this space is just girly, bright, and so welcoming. 
So what does it entail to be an Environmentally Conscious spa? Well, first of all they are SUPER clean. New tools are used for each and every client.  The biggest part that drew me into this spa was they are free of the big 5 beauty chemicals commonly used in other spas.

No Formaldehyde, toluene, BHA, DBP or Camphor.
They use only cruelty free, vegan, and gluten free products! They do have some that aren’t, but the variety of colours they have and options is amazing.  There are so many positives that this spa has, I literally can’t get enough. They have it dressed to the nines, large white leather chairs embellished with gigantic jewels which is sure to make any women feel like a princess! They use the line of products called Delectable, which are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, and they smell like candy. I couldn’t get enough of this line.

They do nails, lashes, and waxing. Everything you need to get fully pampered.

They have the options of booking your appointment online. I highly suggest Amanda D, she was so relatable, friendly, and I think we laughed the entire time. It’s so refreshing to have someone who is interested in chatting and theres no uncomfortable silence, or any sort of language barrier. It really makes the experience better. 
Call today and book your appointment, don’t forget on Saturdays that the Town of Whitby has FREE parking! Perfect to take advantage of this.


Bronzed Bodyz Mobile Spray Tan

Bronzed Bodyz Mobile Spray Tan

PictureCall (905) 404-7869

Bronzed Bodyz is a Mobile Spray Tanner covering Durham Region & Surrounding Areas.
Laurie uses high quality Norvell Sunless Tanning Products, which are Gluten Free, Organic, Non Toxic, Vegan, and never tested on Animals.

Laurie does Pop-Up Tanning days at Salons & Spas in Durham Region – be sure to follow her on Instagram & Facebook to keep up to date with where she is!

​Click the Social Links at the bottom of this page to check her out!




Healthy Meats – Whitby, ON

Healthy Meats – Whitby, ON


I stopped into Healthy Meats in Downtown Whitby yesterday, and was blessed to meet with Owner Paula!

Healthy Meats has actually been in Whitby for 16 years, although you may refer to it as one of its prior names. Healthy Meats is a local Organic Meat Shop that provides locally sourced, organic, antibiotic and hormone free meat to Durham Region residents.

Paula has a personal relationship with all of her farmers, and she takes the time to understand where the meat is coming from, how its sourced, etc. All the leg work is done for customers so you can trust buying your meat from here.

Healthy Meats carries so many products- Pork, Bison, Salmon, Fish, Lamb, Beef, and Chicken! They also bring in fresh local Organic Produce, local cheeses, eggs, sandwich meats, Turkeys, and a small selection of assorted Grocery Items.

For us Gluten Free peeps, all the meat is Gluten Free. Items like Sausages, or chicken, will be marked with a simple Green Dot to identify it as Gluten Free. They have a really simple, yet effective and trustworthy way to buy your meats.

Paula has so much knowledge beyond just Organic Meat. Immediately when we met, we connected. Not only is she very spiritual, but she also is very in tune with her body, and understanding optimal health goes beyond just eating food. I had an absolute blast visiting the store, it is a great place to get high quality, tasty, and local products. I absolutely love Supporting Local, as well as Canadian Made products so the shop is a beautiful and exciting place for me!

They take custom orders and can coordinate with the farmers to do so. Don’t be thrown off by the fact the meat is frozen. As it is butchered, it is frozen immediately so the taste is truly like no other. The taste is so delicious, and I prefer my meat frozen as I only eat one meal at a time and even when I’m meal prepping I still don’t always use all the meat I have purchased.

I was able to grab some Raw Dog Food for Rex- I have been feeding him Raw for a year and a half and he loves it! I find him to be much healthier now a days and his fur is extremely shiny, and he’s full of energy!

Keep an eye on my social media pages, I’ll be working alongside Healthy Meats to give you guys the scoop on deals, whats in stock, etc. I really look forward to embracing an entirely Organic Meat experience- it is very difficult to find Organic Beef around here so this is quite exciting for this Organic Nerd!

Fall Sweaters- Blush.ca

Fall Sweaters- Blush.ca

Fall has almost finally arrived. I say almost because while the calendar tells us its fall, the weather can’t seem to make up its mind!

Luckily last week when the days were a bit chillier, I was able to wear this beautiful grey knit sweater. The design is very cute, with heart shaped elbow pads. Anything with elbow pads I’m all about, as its a great little detail to the simple piece it is. Fall sweaters are great because they can be dressed up, dressed down, worn with leggings, or a skirt. The possibilities are endless in my opinion. Having a piece in your closet that is so versatile is really important because the more use you can get out of the more value it holds in terms of having the “ultimate closet”.

You can find the sweater by clicking here on Shopblush.ca


This sweater is from a local boutique called Blush. They are a Durham Region based boutique, with a great selection of curated pieces that are perfect for the most simple, yet detailed wardrobe. Each piece can be worn multiple ways, and are also budget friendly. I love supporting local businesses, so when I had the chance I jumped to purchase this beautiful fall sweater.

​Fabulously named “The Willow”, this Grey Knit Sweater is honestly super soft, very modest, but still form fitting. I really feel more comfortable in modest wear, plus who wants to be wearing short sleeves in the fall? Not me.

I jazzed it up with a great touched skirt in a darker grey colour, and some amazing black boots.  But as mentioned before can also be worn with some black or red leggings to keep it casual, or just some basic jeans and Chuck Taylor’s.

Hope you all are starting to break out your Fall wardrobe, and go shopping to update it as well. You’ll definitely want to purchase this if you are in need of a cute fall sweater!


*Items in this post may have been provided to me, but feedback and opinions are my own*

These photos were taken in Brooklin, ON. Photos courtesy of YReindell Photography.