Fall Fashion with Joe Fresh

Fall Fashion with Joe Fresh


Lately I have been attending a ton more family events. My boyfriends family gets together very often, and there has been many times that Church has been involved, or a nice meal. I have had to find ways to manage frequent body temperature changes, as well as fitting the bill for presentableness.

After getting a President’s Choice Mastercard earlier this year, I have been optimizing ways to collect points. Joe Fresh has always been in my budget, but sizing tends to be an issue so its always been hit or miss. Recently though, I’ve ben hitting the mark with Joe Fresh purchases. This dress is so great I also got it in black, but it is absolutely adorable.

There is a little button closure at the back, and the cinched waist is very cute. I have since gotten a beige belt that goes with it from my mom to borrow for this outfit and it completes it.


This dress was on sale for $14.99 and I had 10% off from my first order. I also got free shipping from being a PC Insider, and plenty of bonus points for my PC Optimum. I also maximized the points earned by using my PC Mastercard.
This dress is such a soft material, and these tights I got in store at Joe Fresh for only $2.97 on clearance. They even have proper foot holes so you won’t wear them out too early by moving the feet spots around. The soft, loose fit combined with the pattern and pockets makes it a total win for me, and so now I have two.


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Its also extremely modest which is something I have always felt cautious of. I have never been much of a revealing dresser, more modest overall. The length of this dress also adds to how comfortable it is.

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Not applicable for Quebec residents.

Until next time,

Erin xo


Summer Heatwave outfit

Summer Heatwave outfit



When searching for the perfect Summer Outfit, a blazer is an absolute must. If you’re anything like me ( cough cough, auto-immune disease fun!)  my body temperature changes all the time. Layers are my friend. So finding the perfect outfit for warm days was easy to find thanks to Dynamite!

I found this beautiful Black Floral Blazer on the sale rack at Dynamite.
Online, it seems they only have the white one in stock– but it is still just as beautiful and at a great price as well!

My super cute White Jeans are from American Eagle, To be honest, they are “leggings” aka the most comfortable and trendy thing to possibly be worn!
www.ae.com/women-ae-ne-x-t-level-jegging-sparkle-white/web/s-prod/0431_1283_117?cm=sCA-cCAD&catId=cat20116 ​

On my wrist I am sporting a BellaBeat Urban Leaf – it helps track my steps, workouts, stress levels, period, as well as helps remind me to meditate every day! Its a really cute accessory, yet also doubling as super functional.

And last but not least. The holy grail of comfortable sandals. Skechers Canada really nails the shoe game in terms of comfort in my opinion. These “Meditation- Studio Kicks”  are super comfortable. The sole is created with Memory Foam and the straps are stretchy material that makes working these in a breeze. They actually don’t have to be worn in at all because of how these were crafted.

Comment below with your favourite styles for summer!



Summer Florals & Boho Chic

Summer Florals & Boho Chic


Am I the only one who loves Boho Chic Florals? Not going to lie, I’ve been living for the headbands and cute floral dresses ever since I got my hair done at Organic Salon & Spa. I have been super into actually doing my hair (yay!!) and making my outfit complete from top to bottom!

This dress is incredibly soft, and super comfortable for the hot summer nights. It’s a shorter dress, but thats what makes it great for the Summer! I can wear this to any outing as its so multi-functional. Date night? Yes! Media Event? Totally. Maybe not so much walking the dog.. but you catch my drift. It’s super cute!

Available right now at Bootlegger, it’s even on sale for 50% off!! The designer is Twin Hearts, and it has all the perfect little details. Ruched, V Neck and the cute little ties on the sleeves are the perfect added touch. I am wearing size XS.

Finished off with an even cuter Jewled, Rose Gold headband and the outfit is complete! (Currently they only have Metallic in stock)

And as always, my Bella Beat Leaf tracker which I wear everywhere. It can be a bracelet, necklace, all while tracking your fitness!  ((I’ll be Blogging about this amazing device very soon!! In the meantime if you want to learn more about them, click here & you can save $25 off your BellaBeat product!)

Photo Taken by Jennie Jones Photography

End of Summer Florals

End of Summer Florals


PictureCan you believe the summer is almost over already? With just a few weeks left to prepare for Back-To-School (EEK!) the heat is finally letting up, and we’re experiencing some cooler evenings. Beach days are being soaked up by everyone, and taking in the last moments of Summer Bliss are to be had by all.

I got this cute skirt from SheIn, and at only $11 not only is it it Budget Friendly, but also the perfect skirt to wear at the beach! I love the bright colours, and tropical print. It’s also extremely light weight, and has frontal buttons so its easy to get on and off quickly at the beach when you’re swimming!

Click here to purchase this skirt. Shein is a really awesome site full of trendy pieces that are budget friendly. Something I really love about them is that they are right on par with todays ever changing fashion trends, but also not “cheap” quality as one may expect given the price point.

What are your end of Summer plans? A few more cottage trips? Maybe some Back-To-School shopping & meal prepping? Whatever it may be, enjoy these last few weeks!

XO, Erin

Photo courtesy of Jennie Jones Photography

Bella Beat Urban Leaf

Bella Beat Urban Leaf


So many of us love the idea of a Fitness Tracker. It helps with being accountable, it keeps us motivated, and we can even have competitions with friends. I have used Fitbit for many years, however as I got older, and getting diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, my fitness tracker needs changed drastically.

I was looking for a tracker that was a bit more durable than a Fitbit, that was waterproof, a fashion accessory, and also helps track my periods.

Since I don’t take birth control, tracking is super important for myself. That way I know where I’m at, when to expect my period, and also when to be safe.. if ya catch my drift!!

After researching I came across BellaBeat and the product is fantastic. Let me start off by saying that I purchased one about two months ago, and sadly lost it this past weekend while dancing like crazy at the Taylor Swift concert! I was sad… but the Bella Beat customer service team is fantastic and they sent me a code to purchase another one at 50% off. Not to bad, and I mean, I love the product so Its worth it at full price. I am very grateful they gave me 50% off though to replace it.

So lets start with my LOVES about the BellaBeat Urban Leaf:

1. It is the CUTEST accessory! It can be worn as a bracelet (pictured above), It can be worn as a necklace, and also it can be worn as a clip on your shirt or bra. I love its versatility. It goes with everything.
2. The period tracker portion. It’s great, it tells you when you are ovulating, when you should and shouldn’t have sex, and if you are trying to get pregnant it specifically tells you the time to try. That is an incredible feature for me!
3. It has a meditation feature – it can predict how stressed you may be, and in turn prompts you to do some meditation. This is a great thing for those of us who are new to meditating. I really got into it and making sure I mediated each day to ensure the most calm environment I could achieve.
4. They also have wireless headphones, in which I’m planning to purchase at some point ($99 USD) and they are noise cancelling, you can use them when driving to answer calls, and as well they are super cute and trendy.
5. It tracks your sleep & steps of course. Basic features in a fitness tracker but this one overall fits my needs perfectly.

I hope you find this information useful, and I’m looking forward to those of you who have tried it or want to try it! It is absolutely worth every penny. Click here to save $25 off your BellaBeat Urban Leaf
Happy Shopping!

Fall Sweaters- Blush.ca

Fall Sweaters- Blush.ca

Fall has almost finally arrived. I say almost because while the calendar tells us its fall, the weather can’t seem to make up its mind!

Luckily last week when the days were a bit chillier, I was able to wear this beautiful grey knit sweater. The design is very cute, with heart shaped elbow pads. Anything with elbow pads I’m all about, as its a great little detail to the simple piece it is. Fall sweaters are great because they can be dressed up, dressed down, worn with leggings, or a skirt. The possibilities are endless in my opinion. Having a piece in your closet that is so versatile is really important because the more use you can get out of the more value it holds in terms of having the “ultimate closet”.

You can find the sweater by clicking here on Shopblush.ca


This sweater is from a local boutique called Blush. They are a Durham Region based boutique, with a great selection of curated pieces that are perfect for the most simple, yet detailed wardrobe. Each piece can be worn multiple ways, and are also budget friendly. I love supporting local businesses, so when I had the chance I jumped to purchase this beautiful fall sweater.

​Fabulously named “The Willow”, this Grey Knit Sweater is honestly super soft, very modest, but still form fitting. I really feel more comfortable in modest wear, plus who wants to be wearing short sleeves in the fall? Not me.

I jazzed it up with a great touched skirt in a darker grey colour, and some amazing black boots.  But as mentioned before can also be worn with some black or red leggings to keep it casual, or just some basic jeans and Chuck Taylor’s.

Hope you all are starting to break out your Fall wardrobe, and go shopping to update it as well. You’ll definitely want to purchase this if you are in need of a cute fall sweater!


*Items in this post may have been provided to me, but feedback and opinions are my own*

These photos were taken in Brooklin, ON. Photos courtesy of YReindell Photography.